1. How do I get started in the program?

A: To start as a student, follow the instructions here.

  1. How much does the program cost?

A: Nothing, we are a free service.

  1. How old do I have to be to enter the program?

A: At least 16 years old.

  1. How long will this take me?

A: It is different for each person. On average it takes 1 year, depending on your skill level, motivation and the amount of time and energy you are able to dedicate to your studies.

  1. What's the difference between the HiSET and GED ?

A: The HiSEThas 5 sections and can be done on computer or on paper. The GEDhas 4 sections and is currently only has a computerized version.

  1. I was in your program before how do I come back?

A: Fill out the registration form online and/or contact us at 505-925-8900.

  1. Do you offer classes in Spanish?

A: Yes, we offer High School Equivalency classes in Spanish. We also offer English classes to speakers of other languages.

  1. When am I scheduled for orientation/Class?

A: Students can check their email for a confirmation they get when they complete the registration form online for Introduction to Adult Education. Students are emailed their schedule once they have met with a Career Navigator, or call us at 505-925-8900.

  1. Can homeschooled students attend our classes?

A: Yes.