Course Descriptions


Do you want to learn about math in a relaxed, respectful environment? Did you know that math is about more than just math? Did you wonder why sometimes Math is hard for you to understand although easy for others? Did anyone tell you that you can’t do this? Then this class might be for you. Through the use of math manipulatives, Microsoft Teams, Whiteboard discussions, and other engaging tools, we work together in a “Question and Answer Atmosphere” where there are no stupid questions and everyone is comfortable enough to learn and grow. As the facilitator, I will work with you to develop a personal connection where I help guide your learning and going beyond “just the math”. We will work on things like stress and stress management, the history of math, the language of math, and the use (or problems) of technology behind some problems we may face. Join me as we learn together and try to have a little fun along the way!

Tools used include:

  • Breakout rooms

  • Whiteboard

  • Teams

  • New, engaging tools such as mentimeter

  • Question & Answer atmosphere - there are no stupid questions in my class.

  • Relaxed, respectful environment that makes students comfortable enough to learn.

  • Down to earth: We are an open classroom and noone is put down.

  • We talk about stress and stress management

  • Personal relationship with the instructor.

  • Use of math manipulatives

  • Self-guided aspect

  • Students work together in this class

  • Teacher is the guide

Language Arts

The Next Steps Language Arts course is designed to help students, at any level, prepare for the HiSET or GED exam, enter a post-secondary training program, or begin college courses. The course will provide students with in-depth reading instruction using a variety of texts from short stories to academic articles. Writing tasks and other assignments are designed to deepen comprehension and support student exploration and analysis of challenging texts. Students will also have the opportunity to practice writing for a variety of audiences, purposes, and situations. Writing instruction will include, but not be limited to, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Students will not be graded for this course in a traditional sense.

English Language Learners

Beginning ELL: As the first course taken by English Language Learners, it is designed to enable students to develop a basic vocabulary in English, along with a fundamental knowledge of grammar in order that they be able to communicate in a public setting. This course is also designed to prepare students to continue on to more advanced courses. Concentration will therefore be on the four skills needed to acquire a second language: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Intermediate ELL: As the second course taken by ELL students, they will develop their vocabulary and grammar with an emphasis on reading comprehension. Areas covered include computer literacy, quantitative literacy, meaning interpretation, interpersonal skills, and listening/speaking for information. Studies are contextual based enabling students to use their knowledge in real-life situations including their employment. Upon proficiency at this level, students will progress to the advanced class.

PM Multi-Level ELL: This class is open to students of all levels with the class being divided into appropriate groups. The beginning students will learn basic vocabulary and grammar and practice reading and speaking. The intermediate students will develop their skills with more challenging assignments covering reading, comprehension, and communication. Contextual lessons enable them to feel comfortable speaking in a variety of public situations. The advanced students will have even more challenging tasks, one of which is to help other students in their learning. Concentration is on the skills necessary for the students to either enter college or a certificate program or improved employment.

Used in both Intermediate and Multi-level classes: Classroom, Burlington English, Readworks, Quizziz, Kkahoots and more.

Blended Learning

This class is a combination of online and in person instruction. The class breakdown is 2 hours in person and at least 8 hours using approved programs such as Essential Education, Ed Ready and Google Classrooms. This class includes lessons in Math, Social Studies, Science, Reading and Writing in order to prepare for the HiSET or GED High School Equivalency (HSE) tests.

It is also a great class to refresh these topics if you have been out of school for a while.